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How to build a wing.

Like all the composite parts on the X1, the process of making a part is a 4 step procedure.

1. Design

2. Pattern

3. Mould - soon

4. Part - soon

Part 1. Design - How to build a wing

Above - X1 aero design principles. For a full size picture of the above, go to and scroll down.

Below - CAD drawings of the relationship of the rear wing and the top of the diffuser outlet.

Part 2. Pattern - How to build a wing

Above - Laser cut ribs are tacked to leading edge bent tube and trailing edge straight bar.

Below - 2-pot expandable foam is poured into box until it covers the wing frame.

Below - Excess foam is removed.

Below - A fiberglass covering is applied.

Below - The rear edge is re-inforced with a carbonfibre strip to ensure a perfectly straight rear edge.


Part 3 Mould - How to build a wing

Part 4. Part - How to build a wing

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