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chassis safety

carbon and chromoly

​Hyper X1 Racer

Total Car Dimensions
Length 3850mm • Width 1950mm • Height 980mm • Wheelbase 2450mm • Weight (wet) Speed Events 390kg Race Events 400kg


Some racing drivers dream of a fantasy car - a laid back driver becomes the chassis of the vehicle, with four wheels attached to the drivers shoulders and feet and a Grand Prix engine bolted to the drivers back. Four wheels, one engine and a driver. A vehicle that assaults the atmosphere and compresses space and time.


Designer, Jon Crooke, say's that the Hyper Racer X1 is the realisation of that fantasy, with some practical additions to make it a reality.


The main addition was a safety pod for the driver. All components were mounted to the pod - to save drilling mounting holes in the driver! Minimalism was the key to the X1 design. If a component or part was not essential, it was removed. If one component could do two or three jobs, it does. Component packaging was kept low and central to minimise polar and rotational moments of inertia. Every component was selected or manufactured to add ‘lightness’

At the affordable end of the racing world, the space frame chassis is a cost effective design reality, and with the inclusion of a carbon-kevlar internal safety cell and FIA Carbon-Dyolen side intrusion panels, the chassis will provide the driver with a very strong and safe environment.

The chrome-moly chassis features curved main rails for added lateral impact strength and a unique cross brace in the middle of the chassis for immense crush resistance and torsional strength. Zig-zag chassis tubes down each side are positioned to follow the line of the drivers body and create a lateral protection shield. The drivers heels are positioned behind the front axle line. Combine this with FIA Carbon-Dyolen side intrusion panels, nose crush-box, lower body protection skid rails and carbon-kevlar intrusion plate, foot and leg protection, a six-point safety harness, an isolated fuel tank, a jointed collapsible steering column, knee and head roll-over bars designed to comply with racing regulations for cars weighing up to 4 times as much, longitudinal over-head intrusion bars (or 'Henry' bars) that help protect the drivers head and ‘flip-up’ to aid driver extraction, and a rear and lateral quick-release head restraint enclosure.

It all adds up to built-in safety never before seen at the affordable end of motor racing.

So said automotive design giant, Colin Chapman.

The team at Hyper Racer 'get that', and at 40
0kg, they have designed and built the X1, the world's lightest full ground effects race car.

The all carbon fibre skin forms a radical body, utterly honed for performance. Chassis hugging upper surfaces, taper around the driver focused cockpit and engine, and end at a point in front of the rear wing. Air travels through front wing ducts, is rammed into a pair of three-meter mega ground-effect tunnels and explodes out the back into two diffusers from hell.

The design harnesses the atmosphere around, over and through the X1, resulting in a striking aerodynamic exterior with mind warping downforce.


says Engineer, Dean Crooke.

The Hyper Racer - X1 has been designed as a ‘Wash and Race’ vehicle and is ideal for the ‘one person race team’ who wants to race, year in - year out, on a modest budget. Further, it is both easy to maintain and cheap to repair.

The Hyper Racer X1 is a very light, very fast open wheel racing car.
Weighing in at 400kg, the X1 is powered by a 195hp Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1340R engine. Factor in full body ground-effects and the X1 can challenge for lap records.

Looking for the biggest 'Bang for the Buck' in motor racing? Look no further.

HyperRacer Chassis Spec top.jpg
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