'Bang for the Buck'
one man race team

Looking for the biggest 'Bang for the Buck' in motor racing?


The Hyper Racer - X1 has been designed as ‘Wash and Race’ vehicle and is ideal for the ‘one man race team’ who wants to race, year in - year out, on a modest budget.

The X1 has been designed to be easy to maintain and cheap to repair.

Hyper Racer also have a custom trailer available for the X1. This trailer has an electric 'tilt and winch' system that allows a solo operator to load and unload the car. It also incorporates a removable draw bar to allow the car to be stored on the trailer in a smaller space. The trailer has built in storage for spare wheel/tyre sets and fuel containers. The car sits on the trailer at the perfect height for cleaning and maintenance work, which means the car can live permanently on the trailer between track outings. 

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from $85,000

Drive Away

Wash 'n' Race

Simple Maintenance








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