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We have an engine.

We have acquired the engine - a Suzuki GSXR 1000 - and test run it on the bench. This incredible engine produces 185bhp at 14,000 rpm. Suzuki GSXR 1000, 185bhp water-cooled, four-cylinder engine. Significantly oversquare, the 74.5 mm bore and 57.3 mm stroke engine, just a single cube shy of a liter at 999 cc, produces 185bhp. It features forged pistons designed using Suzuki's Finite Element Method (FEM) and fatigue analysis technology for light weight and high revs. The Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) treatment in the cylinder walls helps to actually increase power by decreasing friction, as well as increasing ring sealing and waste heat transfer to the water jacket. Vents i

We've had an idea !

We think a 190hp 295kg race car might be a good thing. So we've done some preliminary CAD drawings.

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Hyper Racer's and components for same are designed and manufactured for competition use only and is sold "as is" with no warranty.

The vehicles and components do not conform to federal or state motor vehicle safety standards and operation on public streets, roads or highways is illegal.

State or federal laws prohibit operation of this vehicle except in an organized racing or competitive event upon a closed course

which is conducted under the auspices of a recognized sanctioning body or by permit issued by the local governmental authority having jurisdiction.

First determine that operation is legal. Operator only, no passengers.This vehicle is designed and constructed as an operator only vehicle.
The vehicle load limit and seating configuration do not safely permit the carrying of a passenger or luggage.


There is none. This vehicle is a race vehicle only. Vehicles or components are delivered in working order.

On removal of these vehicles or components from the Hyper Racer place of manufacture, the purchaser, owner and/or driver assumes all responsibility and risk in using the said vehicles or components.

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