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'Simplify . . . .  then add Lightness'
Hyper Racer X1 Front Shock.jpg
Dean Portrait bw.jpg

It is said that the devil is in the detail, and so it is with the Hyper Racer. Hundreds of design hours were spent packaging the major components - driver, engine, wheels - into the smallest possible chassis package.

Dean Crooke. Engineering Director.

So said automotive design giant, Colin Chapman.


Hyper Racer X1 engineer Dean Crooke says, the team at Hyper Racer 'get that', and at under 400kg, they have designed and built the X1, the world's lightest full ground effects 'FIA safety approved' race car.

The all carbon fibre skin forms a radical body, utterly honed for performance. Chassis hugging upper surfaces, taper around the driver-focused cockpit and engine, and end at a point in front of the rear wing. Air travels through front wing ducts, is rammed into a pair of three meter mega ground-effect tunnels and explodes out the back into two diffusers from hell.


The design harnesses the atmosphere around, over and through the X1, resulting in a striking aerodynamic exterior with mind warping downforce.


Dean says, "The result is the purest, lightest, most driver-focused racing car you will ever drive."

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