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the team

Dean Crooke


Jon Crooke


manufactures Hyper Racer vehicles for racing and track days.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, RACING CARS INTERNATIONAL P/L

is an international design, prototyping and manufacturing organization specialising in motor racing related product.


The CEO is Dean Crooke. The marketing manager is Jon Crooke.

Between them, this father and son team have over 80 years experience

within the motor racing industry. Both are Australian Champion racing drivers.


Their connection with motorsport goes back to 1904 when

great grandfather James Robert Crooke won Australia's first motor race

and built the world's first purpose built race track in 1906.

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Recognized at a young age as being seriously talented at driving and mechanical endeavors, Dean was subsequently mentored and trained by leaders in the motor racing industry.


A karter from the age of 8, winner of multiple superkart and Formula 5 and Hyper Racer championships, talented race car engineer, fabricator and composite technician, Dean now possesses a remarkable set of skills. Skills he has acquired over 35 years in motor racing. Skills that make him unique. If it can be imagined, he WILL build it.

Dean is the driving force behind the Hyper Racers, his dedication and work ethic an inspiration to all.

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The original concept of the Hyper Racer is an idea Jon had 35 years ago for a fast affordable racing car.

Jon was born into a racing family. His great grandfather won Australia's first motor race in 1904 and his father was a race car designer-builder and champion rally driver. Jon has spent his life in motor racing, graduating from his first car with wooden spoked wheels, he moved up through karts and superkarts to become the 1986 National F2 driving champion and 'works' Group-A driver for Peter Brock's HDT race team in 1987.

He is also the inventor-designer of the the world's first racing car simulators, the Hyper Stimulator, and now heads up the Hyper Racer design department. He knows a lot of stuff.

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