1000bhp/ton • mind warping grip


The Hyper X1 Racer is a very light, very powerful open wheel racing car.

Weighing in at 380kg, the X1 is powered by a 1000cc or 1340cc superbike engine, which in 1340cc supercharged configuration produces upward of 360hp. Factor in full body ground-effects and the Hyper X1 Racer can challenge for outright lap records.

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Due to the demand for the Hyper X1 Racer, as of the 1st of June 2020, we will not be taking 'INDIVIDUAL' orders for the PRO Racer and the TERRA Racer. For orders of 10+ units please contact us.

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This Hyper Racer is designed and manufactured for competition use only and is sold "as is" with no warranty.

It does not conform to federal motor vehicle safety standards and operation on public streets, roads or highways is illegal.

State or federal laws prohibit operation of this vehicle except in an organized racing or compeditive event upon a closed course

which is conducted under the auspices of a recognized sanctioning body or by permit issued by the local governmental authority having jurisdiction.

First determine that operation is legal.

Operator only, no passengers.
This vehicle is designed and constructed as an operator only vehicle.
The vehicle load limit and seating configuration do not safely permit the carrying of a passenger.


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