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0-100kph - 2.5sec
0-200kph - 6.5sec
Top speed - 250-270kph

Dry - 380kg
Wet with Driver - 460kg

Suzuki GSX-R1300
Supercharged 360hp

4130 Chromoly

Ground Effects Design


The Hyper X1 Racer is a very light, very powerful open wheel 'ground effects' racing car. The car is based on the Hyper Racer 'CORE' chassis, as used in the PRO and TERRA Racers. (See Concept page)

The X1 is powered by a standard, modified or supercharged 1000cc or 1340cc superbike engine, and with the inclusion of advanced Hyper Racer chassis technology, it weighs just 380kgs. As a result the X1 Racer produces close to 1000hp per ton, and with wings and full under-body ground-effects, can challenge for outright lap records.

The ‘CORE' chassis is the same chassis as used in the Hyper PRO and TERRA Racers and has been developed and tested over an 10 year ‘long term’ durability program.

The cockpit can accommodate drivers up to 110 kgs and 190 cm in height.

The chrome-moly chassis features curved main rails for added lateral impact strength and cross braces in the middle of the chassis and behind the driver for immense crush resistance and torsional strength.

Zig-zag chassis tubes down each side are positioned to follow the line of the drivers body and create a lateral protection shield. The drivers heels are positioned behind the front axle line.


The drivers head is protected by a comprehensive protection system comprising of front and rear roll bars, longitudinal intrusion bars that are removable to aid driver extraction, and a rear and lateral head restraint enclosure.


The carbon-kevlar seat cell incorporates compressible crush domes at all strategic mounting points and the drivers head is protected by an armoured wrap-around head restraint.

Combine this with the Hyper X1 Racer’s other safety features - armoured cockpit side intrusion panels, lower body skid rails and armoured intrusion plate, front crush box, jointed collapsible steering column, 6-point safety harness and an isolated carbon-Dyolen fuel tank. It all adds up to built in safety never before seen at the affordable end of motor racing.

The Hyper X1 Racer can be fitted with any 4-stroke multi-cylinder superbike engine.

The standard car features a Suzuki GSX-R1300, 195bhp water-cooled, four-cylinder engine or a 360bhp Supercharged Suzuki GSX-R1300.

A six-speed, constant-mesh transmission keeps the engine in the usable powerband with an hydraulic slip-and-assist clutch that works to prevent the rear wheels locking-up during aggressive downshifts.

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Hyper Racer's and components for same are designed and manufactured for competition use only and is sold "as is" with no warranty.

The vehicles and components do not conform to federal or state motor vehicle safety standards and operation on public streets, roads or highways is illegal.

State or federal laws prohibit operation of this vehicle except in an organized racing or competitive event upon a closed course

which is conducted under the auspices of a recognized sanctioning body or by permit issued by the local governmental authority having jurisdiction.

First determine that operation is legal. Operator only, no passengers.This vehicle is designed and constructed as an operator only vehicle.
The vehicle load limit and seating configuration do not safely permit the carrying of a passenger or luggage.


There is none. This vehicle is a race vehicle only. Vehicles or components are delivered in working order.

On removal of these vehicles or components from the Hyper Racer place of manufacture, the purchaser, owner and/or driver assumes all responsibility and risk in using the said vehicles or components.

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