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Turn Key - Drive away

Painted with graphics.

Engine Package INCLUDED.




Assembled Rolling Chassis with full Aero Body

Un-painted, no graphics.

Engine Package NOT included.

Chassis is designed around the Suzuki GSX1340R Hayabusa engine.

How much is a complete turn-key Hyper Racer X1 in your country ?




Carbonfibre annd/or Kevlar vacuum-infused;

  • body panels

  • ground effects undertray

  • front and rear wings

  • headrest

  • knee protector




Formed 4130 Chromium-Molybdenum alloy steel tube


FRONT - Independent wishbone
Pushrod / bell-crank / inboard shock operation
Mono-shock Ohlins coil over aluminium damper
Adjustable tow, camber and swaybar

Billit Milled aluminium uprights


REAR - Independent wishbone Pushrod / bell-crank / inboard shock operation
Mono-shock Ohlins coil over aluminium damper
Adjustable tow, camber and swaybar

Billit Milled aluminium uprights


Calipers - 4 piston WILWOOD

Discs 280mm cross-drilled
Billit Milled aluminium brake hats

Master cylinder twin split system
Cockpit adjustable brake bias

Axle Drive Unit


Drive axle and drive axle unit carrier, CV shafts and sprocket carrier


Aluminium wheel rims  (2 piece) powder coated Black with billet milled anodized aluminium centres


Front - 13" dia x 9" wide rims to suit 8" wide tyres

Rear - 13" dia x 11" wide rims to suit 10" wide tyres

Tyres - Delivered with a used set of tyres. See options.

Engine Package


Suzuki GSX 1300R (1340)cc 4-stroke engine 195hp.

Features - 6 speed sequential gearbox, Suzuki slipper clutch and 4 into 1 exhaust.

Standard secondhand engine Includes - ECU, oil cooler, headers, throttle bodies, air box and wiring loom.

Ancillaries - Engine mounting brackets, Battery, Battery isolation switch, Throttle cable plus spring, Clutch cable, Gear cable, Radiators and mounts, Water hoses and Oil cooler hoses.


Mods - ECU Flash, Wiring loom mod, Exhaust pipe and Header mod, Sump plug mod, Sump baffle plate, Clutch cover mod (oil filler relocated and cover width reduced).


Final drive - Chain and sprockets

Cockpit Features

Unique 'Outside - In' driver safety cell


Seat - Carbonfibre / Kevlar vacuum-infused

3-way head restraint - Carbonfibre / Kevlar vacuum-infused

Full safety cage

Overhead 'Henry Bars' protection

6-point safety harness

Rack and pinion steering

F1 style steering wheel - adjustable forward and back, up and down

Quick release steering wheel boss

Sequential hand shifter

Shift lights


Hand operated clutch

2 pedals (throttle / brake) - adjustable forward / back


Racing mirrors

Fuel Tank Aluminium 17 litre

Fire extinguisher hand-held mounted on-board

Easy Access Charge / Jump Start Plug

Custom seat expandible foam kit.
Kit includes 2-pot expandible foam, pouring bags, race tape.

Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.





  • FIA Side Protection Panels - Dyolen (Zylon) / Carbon

  • Wheel tethers

- AUD$3500



AIM Solo2 GPS Dash with Shift Lights - AUD$1000

'Rekluse' centrifugal automatic clutch AUD$1500

Fire extinguisher plumbed system fitted - AUD$1000


F1 style steering wheel - upgraded to carbonfibre construction - add AUD$500

Wheel Rims - set of 4 AUD$2200

Tyres -

New HANKOOK Slicks Fitted AUD$1750

New HANKOOK Wets Fitted AUD$1850

Trailer -
Base Hyper trailer -

1 person loading/unloading system



Deluxe Hyper trailer -

1 person loading/unloading system


Modified Engine Package

X1 also available with 1500cc

280hp engine = 750hp/ton

and up-sized wheels and tyres



Length - 3850mm
Width - 1850mm

Height - 980mm

Wheelbase - 2450mm

Dry Weight - 380kg Speed Events

Dry Weight - 390kg Race Events


195hp engine = 500hp/tonLateral acceleration up to 2.8 G
Max braking deceleration -2.1 G

Acceleration 0-100 km/h 3.0 sec
Acceleration 0-200km/h 8.0 sec

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