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Hyper Racer's mission is

to make motor racing accessible to the 'everyman'.


In 1989, Jon Crooke founded Hyper Stimulator.

In 1989 he designed and built

the world's first 'home' and 'corporate' racing car simulators

and in 1999 he pioneered a network of the world's first E-sport motor racing centres.

For the first time in history, the 'man in the street' could access the previously unaffordable sport of motor racing by driving a racing car

via on-line racing competitions, while sitting in a virtual racing car cockpit.

Jon's Hyper Stimulators have spawned a massive industry worldwide,

with Formula One teams now using simulators

to help develop their race cars.


Dean Crooke and Jon Crooke teamed up in 2005

and the pair established Hyper Racer.

Their first project together was to design and build

the record breaking Hyper Max Racer Superkarts.

On the success of that product, Dean and Jon embarked on

a journey to build fast, safer and affordable racing cars.

The Hyper Racer Pro, Terra and X1 are the result.


But the Hyper story started long before 1989,

 . . . . way back in 1904.


Read on . . . .


1924 - 2014


Dr Peter Crooke was a successful rally driver in the 50's, winning the 'open class' in the blue ribbon event of the year, the 1955 Sun Rally.

Peter became the CAMS Victorian Medical Officer in 1962, and succeeded Dr Lloyd Buley as CAMS National Medical Advisor in 1966, a position he held for 15 years.

Peter lead an Australian initiative which introduced the motor racing safety standards that we enjoy today, ie; modern helmet design, seat belts, fire proof suits etc. He introduced these standards along with a set of international medical standards to the rest of the world at an FIA meeting in 1971 in Milan. The FIA adopted these standards and Jackie Stewart, and others, then ran with his recommendations in Europe.

Peter was awarded CAMS highest honour, the Award of Merit, in 1982.

1847 - 1932



Australia's first car race winner.
James Robert Crooke staged, and then won, Australia's first motor race on 12 March 1904 on the horse racing track at Sandown Park.


In 1905, James built the world's first race purpose built racing car track inside his pear shaped horse racing track at Aspendale Park. The new track was acknowledged as Australia’s “first commercial (race car) track”.


The first car race meeting on the track, was held there by the RACV on 29 January 1906, in front of an estimated 1,000 spectators.

FULL STORY HERE...........


Born 1984


Dean started racing AKA Karts at 8 and received his CAMS race car drivers licence on his 12th birthday (Australia's youngest ever CAMS licence holder at the time).

Dean wins the JNR Victorian Superkart Championship.

Dean co-designs and builds a new concept in kart chassis and beats the world's leading kart manufacturers to win the Victorian Superkart Championship and Driver of the Year.

Dean wins 8 of the 9 rounds of the Australian Hyper Racer Superkart Championship to take the title. He also wins his 3rd Victorian State Championship. He is a multiple lap record holder and the categories leading driver.

Dean wins NSW State Superkart Championship at Eastern Creek and Oran Park.
Dean co-designs and builds the prototype Hyper PRO Racer and completes an exhaustive test program.


Dean contracts to Nissan Motor Sport - Kelly Racing - to provide services in the areas of fabrication and composites.


Dean co-designs and builds the prototype Hyper TERRA Racer and completes an exhaustive test program.

2017 - 19

Dean co-designs and builds the prototype Hyper X1 Racer and completes an exhaustive test program.


Dean wins the Formula 5 Hyper Racer Championship for the 8th year in succession.

Dean is in charge of manufacturing at Hyper Racer.

Born 1951

1960 -70's
Jon started his racing career in Sprint Kart racing in the '60's and 70's

In 1982 Jon finished 2nd in the 250 International Superkart Australian Championship.

In his first year of 'car' racing, and driving at circuits he had never driven on before, Crooke, driving a Formula 2 Mk8 Cheeta, decimated the opposition, winning 7 of the 9 rounds of the Australian Formula 2 Championship. With multiple lap records, fastest laps and pole positions, Crooke's total domination of the championship prompted the motorsport press to nickname him "Our Ayrton". The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport declared he was a ''Once in a generation driver''. 

Jon joined Peter Brock as a Group A Works driver for the Holden Dealer Team.
Jon retired from top level driving at the end of 1987 and remains the all-time highest 'race win rate' driver at National level competition in Australia.


Jon designs and builds the world's first racing car simulators - the Hyper Stimulator - and in doing so spawns a massive world wide industry. His product line includes home units and full size commercial simulators.


Jon co-designs and builds a new concept in kart chassis which go on to beat the best of the world's leading kart manufacturers.


Jon co-designs and builds the prototype Hyper PRO Racer and completes an exhaustive test program.



Jon co-designs and builds the prototype Hyper TERRA Racer and completes an exhaustive test program.

2017 - 19

Jon co-designs and builds the prototype Hyper X1 Racer and completes an exhaustive test program.

Jon is in charge of marketing and sales at Hyper Racer.

YouTube videos.

1986 Australian F2 Championship Rd1. Symmons Plains. https://youtu.be/m03bCXjIY28

1986 Australian F2 Championship Rd6. Lakeside. https://youtu.be/27Vx73Iic0I

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Hyper Racer's and components for same are designed and manufactured for competition use only and is sold "as is" with no warranty.

The vehicles and components do not conform to federal or state motor vehicle safety standards and operation on public streets, roads or highways is illegal.

State or federal laws prohibit operation of this vehicle except in an organized racing or competitive event upon a closed course

which is conducted under the auspices of a recognized sanctioning body or by permit issued by the local governmental authority having jurisdiction.

First determine that operation is legal. Operator only, no passengers.This vehicle is designed and constructed as an operator only vehicle.
The vehicle load limit and seating configuration do not safely permit the carrying of a passenger or luggage.


There is none. This vehicle is a race vehicle only. Vehicles or components are delivered in working order.

On removal of these vehicles or components from the Hyper Racer place of manufacture, the purchaser, owner and/or driver assumes all responsibility and risk in using the said vehicles or components.

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