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Pro Racer


The Hyper PRO Racer is a game changer - a breakthrough in fast, safer, affordable racing car design.

Designed as a ‘Wash and Race’ category, the Hyper PRO Racer features a race bred single cylinder double overhead cam water cooled 4-stroke engine, 5 speed sequential gear box, 4 wheel cross-vented disc brakes, with billet milled aluminium brake calipers, rack and pinion steering, Ohlins coil over race shocks, adjustable camber and toe and a 185 kg feather weight design.

With serious performance at affordable costs, the Hyper PRO Racer introduces a new category of high end race spec racing car to the world.

The combination of feather weight design and high end race spec chassis design, gives the Hyper PRO Racer unmatched performance for its class and lap times that compete with the big boys.

The Hyper PRO Racer can be purchased as a ready to assemble kit - with or without engine - or ready to race.

The ‘core chassis’ is the same chassis as used in the Hyper X1 and TERRA Racers and has been developed and tested over an 8 year ‘long term’ durability program.

The cockpit can accommodate drivers up to 110 kgs and 190 cm in height.

The chrome-moly chassis features curved main rails for added lateral impact strength and cross braces in the middle of the chassis and behind the driver for immense crush resistance and torsional strength.

Zig-zag chassis tubes down each side are positioned to follow the line of the drivers body and create a lateral protection shield. The drivers heels are positioned behind the front axle line.

The Hyper PRO Racer can be fitted with any 4-stroke or 2-stroke single cylinder off-road motorcycle engine.


The engine Hyper Racer supplies as an 'engine package' meets a set of criteria which includes; manufacture by a mainstream engine supplier, environmentally friendly 4-stroke, state of the art race proven technology, affordable consumables and modest re-build costs. Yamaha technology has been chosen, specifically the WR450cc engine. This engine is fitted with electric start, eliminating the need for a push start buddy.

The drivers head is protected by a comprehensive protection system comprising of front and rear roll bars, longitudinal intrusion bars that are removable to aid driver extraction, and a rear and lateral head restraint enclosure.


The carbon-kevlar armoured seat cell and head restraint incorporate compressible crush domes at all strategic mounting points.

To minimise the chance of body damage, the nose cone has been designed to be behind the front wheels to reduce the chance of impact during unplanned nose down angles of ground attack.

Combine this with the Hyper PRO Racer’s other safety features - lower body skid rails and intrusion plate, a jointed collapsible steering column, a 6-point safety harness and an isolated fuel tank, and it all adds up to built in safety never before seen at the affordable end of motor racing.


At club level racing you will inevitably come into track contact with other drivers. Bodywork damage is a fact of life. Again the designers put their thinking caps on. They rationalized and minimized the bodywork. Less bodywork equals light weight. And 'light' equals speed.

To minimise the chance of race damage, the nose cone has been designed with minimal overhang and adequate ground clearance so that excursions into sand traps at unplanned angles of attack should simply result in an uneventful drive back onto the track. In the event of a damaged nose cone, it has been designed as a separate part which can be quickly and cheaply replaced between heats.

Apart from the nose cone and the swing-arm spat, all of the bodywork is mounted high or within the chassis envelope, so a competitor should be able to expect to compete without running up a large bodywork bill.


The designers also addressed the issue of component damage by enclosing almost all the major mechanical components within the confines of the chassis. No more vulnerable radiators in sidepods.



At 185 kg all up, the Hyper PRO Racer is a breeze to tow. Hook it up to your small hatchback, fold the rear seats down and throw in your race gear, a small tool box and a fuel container ......and go racing.


Karters can now afford to move up to the real deal and a safer world, and car category drivers can get their life and budget under control, by moving across to the financially saner world of the Hyper PRO Racer. Now you can race a real race car, with real performance, on real race tracks, without winning the lottery.


The Hyper PRO Racer. Wash 'n' Race motor sport.

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