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Dean Crooke

Technical Support

Designer - Engineer


Jon Crooke

Sales - Marketing

Designer - Engineer


Family Tradition



RACING CARS INTERNATIONAL P/L manufactures Hyper Racer vehicles for racing, track days and corporate hire.


Based in Melbourne, Australia, RACING CARS INTERNATIONAL P/L is an international design, prototyping and manufacturing organization specialising in motor racing related product.

The principal and owner of RACING CARS INTERNATIONAL P/L is Dean Crooke. The Marketing Manager is Jon Crooke. Between them they have over 80 years experience within the motor racing industry. Both are Australian Champion racing drivers. Their connection with motorsport goes back to 1904 when great grandfather James Robert Crooke won Australia's first motor race and built the world's first purpose built race track in 1906.

Dean heads up the production and engineering department while Jon heads up the design styling department and marketing. Both are involved in product design.

The Hyper Racer product line was instigated by Jon, after a life long involvement in motor racing as a driver, which including winning the 1986 Australian Formula 2 Championship and driving for the Holden Dealer Team with Peter Brock.

After retiring from driving professionally, Jon was keen to explore more affordable types of motorsport. He saw a market for racing car simulators that would provide a real virtual driving experience at very little cost compared to real world car racing. Working with pioneer software writers in the late 80's and early 90's, he developed the worlds first racing car simulator driving cockpits called the Hyper Stimulator and in 1999 the world's first SimRacing eRacing or eSport centres. 


30 years later his Hyper Stimulator cockpit designs are still sold worldwide and used by the world's top real world drivers, while hundreds of manufactures including the top Formula One teams have followed his lead and produce siblings of his original designs.

Dean is also a life time racing driver and a multiple Superkart and Formula 5 Champion.


In 2005 Dean and Jon joined forces, in the design and development of the Hyper Racer range of racing cars. The product line-up has previously included a go-kart, a midget tarmac track car and an off-road race car. RACING CARS INTERNATIONAL P/L now manufactures the Hyper Racer X1. All these vehicles have been described as "game changers", and have provided drivers with performance levels previously unheard of, at an affordable price.

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