Hyper Racer - Copyright © 2009 - Dean Crooke


The VORTEX X10 CDI the smallest and most Powerful Programmable CDI available.
With the advent of X10 technology this unit has been programmed specifically for the Hyper PRO Racer.

Key Features

• Pre Programmed with 2 selectable rev limits.
.....Setting 1 - Race 10,500 limit.
.....Setting 2 - Beginner / Corporate 8,500 limit.

• V-Boost - Internal Voltage Boost Circuit for maximising Spark Energy across the entire rev range

• Shift light

• FIA required 6 second fuel pump cut-off, if the motor stops and ignition is still on.

Race Proven Reliability

The Hyper PRO Racer Vortex CDI has been factory programmed with a performance map developed through dyno and track testing in conjunction with the Hyper PRO Racer development team.