Hyper Racer - Copyright © 2009 - Dean Crooke



The 'Outside - In' chassis
This breakthrough innovation combines the cost effectiveness of a space frame safety cell with the smooth driver friendly internal surfaces of a monocoque design. The chrome moly chassis features curved main rails for added lateral impact strength and a unique cross brace in the middle of the chassis for immense crush resistance and torsional strength. And in the same way that crash helmet design protects the head, the Hyper PRO Racers seat cell is lined with a ridged compressible foam seat insert. As added protection the seat cell and head restraint incorporate compressible crush pods at all strategic mounting points.

Combine this with the Hyper PRO Racer’s other safety features. Lower body skid rails and intrusion plate, foot and leg protection, a six-point safety harness, an isolated fuel tank, a jointed collapsible steering column, an onboard fire extinguisher and a comprehensive head protection system comprising of front and rear roll bars, longitudinal intrusion bars (or 'Henry' bars) that ‘flip-up’ to aid driver extraction, and a rear and lateral head restraint enclosure. It all adds up to built in safety never before seen at the affordable end of motor racing.