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Looking for the biggest 'Bang for the Buck' in racing? At AUD $24,995, the Hyper PRO Racer, ready to assemble 'Ready to Race' kit, or $9,995 for the 'Rolling Chassis' kit, is a break-through in fast, safer, affordable racing. With a set of tyres costing under AU$400 and lasting up to 2 race meetings, long engine life with modest re-build costs, bodywork and mechanical components designed and placed to minimize potential damage and repair costs and the ability to transport the vehicle in a small trailer behind a small car or in the back of a van, the Hyper PRO Racer is ideal for the ‘one man race team’ who wants to race on a modest budget.

The design of the Hyper PRO Racer is based around three major components - driver, engine and tyres. The engine and tyres were primarily chosen on the basis of affordability.

The biggest consumable cost in motor racing is tyres. Tyre costs can break a club level drivers budget. For these drivers it's the difference between racing and staying home for the weekend.

The designers at Hyper Racer thought long and hard about the possibilities and concluded that the only choice was a 6 inch tyre designed for the Superkart category. These tyres are 'state of the art' racing design and are rated to very high speeds. They are readily available world wide and - at under AU$400 per set - are a fraction of the cost of larger tyres as used for example on Formula Ford. They also have the advantage of reducing aerodynamic drag and being very light. And 'light' equals speed.

The choice of engine had to meet a set of criteria which included; manufacture by a mainstream engine supplier, environmentally friendly 4-stroke, state of the art race proven technology, affordable consumables and modest re-build costs.

Yamaha technology was chosen, specifically the 450 WR engine. This engine is fitted with electric start, eliminating the need for a push start buddy.

At club level racing you will inevitably come into track contact with other drivers. Bodywork damage is a fact of life. Again the designers put their thinking caps on. They rationalized and minimized the bodywork. Less bodywork equals light weight. And 'light' equals speed.

As 'real' sponsorship at club level racing is a figment of most peoples imagination, large expanses of panel surface for signage was deemed unnecessary.

It was decided to go for the Café Racer look. Small panels, cheaply and easily replaceable, with enough room for your major sponsors logo - in most cases the name of your own business and an oil or tyre sticker.

To minimise the chance of race damage, the nose cone has been designed with minimal overhang and adequate ground clearance so that excursions into sand traps at unplanned angles of attack should simply result in an uneventful drive back onto the track. In the event of a damaged nose cone, it has been designed as a separate part which can be quickly and cheaply replaced between heats.

Apart from the nose cone and the swing-arm spat, all of the bodywork is mounted high or within the chassis envelope, so a competitor should be able to expect to compete without running up a large bodywork bill.

The designers also addressed the issue of component damage by enclosing almost all the major mechanical components within the confines of the chassis. No more vulnerable radiators in sidepods.

At 185 kg all up, the Hyper PRO Racer is a breeze to tow. Hook it up to your small hatchback, fold the rear seats down and throw in your race gear, a small tool box and a fuel container ......
and go racing.

Karters can now afford to move up to the real deal and a safer world, and car category drivers can get their life and budget under control, by moving across to the financially saner world of the Hyper PRO Racer. Now you can race a real race car, with real performance, on real race tracks, without winning the lottery.

The Hyper PRO Racer. Wash 'n' Race motor sport.


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