new Hyper PRO Racer provides Fast, Safe and Affordable racing to those drivers looking for maximum thrills at a realistic price.


1500 cc Prime Mover

The new Hyper PRO Racer Trailer, hooked up to a 1500cc prime mover.
Trailer weight 225 kilos (including ramps and spare wheel). PRO Racer 175 kilos.
Total 400 kilos.

Trailer base 2300 long x 1400 wide. Total length - coupling to rear - 3000 mm.

Ramps, rear legs, wheel chocks and spare wheel included.

Transport wheels are also available.

The trailer has a built in lift platform. It is visible in the photo above under the seat.
When the PRO Racer is on the trailer, it can be raised 100mm clear of the trailer for general maintenance.

With transport wheels fitted, the PRO Racer fits into a standard 6 x 4 garden trailer.
Width of PRO Racer with transport wheels is 1225mm.
(The front is the widest dimension. 1225 to the ends of the threaded axles or 1155 rim to rim).
Depending on how you load it, the PRO Racer hangs out the front or rear of the 6x4 trailer 500mm.


A standard 8 x 4 garden trailer with Hypers detachable ramps, runners and built in lift platform.
This attachment can be quickly removed to revert you trailer to its standard trailer specification.

With transport wheels fitted, the PRO Racer fits into the back of a
Toyota HiAce, Mercedes-Benz Vito or Hyundai iLoad or any other equivalent size van.

In pursuit of our goal of WASH 'N' RACE motor sport,
a typical race weekend would go like this if you are using our purpose built trailer:

Tow the PRO Racer to the track on the trailer.
Unhook the trailer and position the trailer in your pit bay with the ramps at the door entry.
Extend rear trailer legs and chock wheels.
Drive the PRO Racer down the ramps and out onto the track.
Return to pits and drive up onto trailer.
Raise PRO Racer with lift platform.
Change or rotate wheels if required and lube chain.
Lower lift platform and roll PRO Racer backwards off trailer.
Push PRO Racer backwards onto trailer.
Hook-up and drive home.
Degrease and wash while on trailer.
Raise PRO Racer with lift platform.
Perform maintenance work while PRO Racer is on trailer.
Store PRO Racer on trailer until next race.

The PRO Racer can live on the trailer between race days. No unloading on a Sunday night.
At 3 m long and 1.4 m wide, the PRO Racer trailer fits into a 3 x 6m garage space, with room to work on all sides of the car.
Due to the PRO Racer Trailers small size and low weight, it may not have to be registered in some states/countries.
(No registration required in Victoria, Australia)

Thank you to our 'test program' sponsors

"For all your karting tyre needs"

Les May
ALM Sales
03 9333 3987
Richard Muurling
Vortex Performance
03 9761 7525
Steve Cramer
Steve Cramer Products
03 9587 1466
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